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Looking for a dependable and effective hemp honey with a delicious flavor? Look no further. We get our honey tested by the USDA and have the cleanest testing honey (for pesticides and residue analysis) in the country! Did we mentioned we rescue bees? Our commitment to quality and social responsibility lives in every jar of Canna Bees because our Rescue Blend formulation incorporates the cleanest testing, treatment-free honey from the bees we’ve rescued. Our hemp honey is ALL-NATURAL and has a delicious Texas Wildflower flavor. Our products also have a long shelf life because RAW honey is an effective natural preservative. Each serving of Canna Bees can be helpful with sleep, inflammation, anxiety, stress and focus. You can feel good knowing that our ingredients are sourced and blended together here in the United States and are gluten-free.

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500mg, 250mg